The Pensacola Opera Chorus is a group of talented and dedicated volunteers who perform in the Opera’s mainstage productions rehearsing for over 120 hours to bring Pensacola Opera's productions to life. Being a part of the Opera Chorus is a rewarding way for community members to indulge their love of singing, performing and the operatic repertoire. Members of the Opera chorus are selected from an annual audition process.  

Interested in being a part of the Opera Chorus?
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Auditions: October 10th at the Pensacola Opera Center
Requirements: Prepared 32 bar of an aria or classical piece

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Already in the Opera Chorus?
*Auditions are only required if you wish to be considered for voice part reassignment.

Auditions: October 17th at First Presbyterian Church, 33 E Gregory St.
Requirements: Prepared 32 bar of an aria or classical piece
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Audition Scheduler

The 35th Season Opera Chorus will be featured in the mainstage production of Madama Butterfly, in addition to performances dedicated to community outreach and engagement.

During the 2017 performance of Aïda, chorus member Don Partington celebrated his 50th performance with the Pensacola Opera Chorus. Here is what he has to say about the experience:

"The Pensacola Opera Chorus is a very special group of people. They come in all ages, teens to seniors, men and women, and from all walks of life, family backgrounds and races. They are in education, as students and teachers. They are homemakers. They work in banking, insurance, public relations, and are in civil service, the military, active and retired, both enlisted and officers. They work in food service and the Seafood industry. They are pilots, doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers, legal assistants, secretaries, engineers, other professionals, and more.
    They are literally a cross section of music loving people dedicated to the hard task of learning and internalizing an Opera Chorus score and words written in a foreign language. Some are musically trained, and read music and others, like me, are ear trained and learn by listening. They must walk, dance, march, kneel, carry, climb, and even lie down, all while singing and trying to keep an eye on the Maestro’s stick. No matter their background, to join the chorus they need only demonstrate singing skills as a soprano, alto, tenor, or bass. They are a wonderful loving, caring, committed group of people.

   Each member of the volunteer chorus commits to more than 70 hours of rehearsals. Combined for the entire chorus, that is more than 2,500 hours per production. That does not include the at home hours memorizing hundreds of pages of the score, words, and music. Some members come from far counties and travel long distances to make those rehearsals, most of which are in the evening and often involve late evenings. Some have to arrange for child care. Each bears the cost of transportation for the rehearsals and performances. And they all do it because of their love of music, singing, and Opera. They are not paid. These chorus members are special people, and have been a joy to sing with for each of 50 productions. In honoring me, you honor each one of them."