The Three Little Pigs
​By John Davies

Recommended for grades Pre-K through 5
Program Dates:  Fall 2017 and Spring 2018


Duration: 40 minutes

An operatic version of the story of The Three Little Pigs.

While sibling pigs Donna Giovanni and Cherubino set off to make homes of sticks and straws, their

sister, Despina, goes to the library to read up on "huff-proof, puff-proof" home construction. After

Wolfgang Bigbad blows down the first two homes, they run to their sister's sturdy new brick house

quite ready to admit that going to the library and reading books is a pretty smart thing to do after all.

Students and teachers alike will enjoy the opera brought to you in English along with 

professional performers, sets, and costumes. 

Teacher's Packet:  Download Here

​To bring The Three Little Pigs to your community, please contact Cody Martin, Director of Education, at or 850.433.6737.

Recommended for grades 6th through 12th 
Program Dates: Fall 2017  and Spring 2018

Duration: 45 minutes

Ever wondered how a soprano can sing such high notes? Ever wanted to chat with a real, live, opera singer?

Invite Pensacola Opera’s Artists in Residence into your classroom for an interactive workshop! These young, professional singers will share their talent as they perform well-known opera scenes, introduce your students to opera terminology, and discuss their careers.  The workshop will close with Q & A from students. Follow up by having your students attend one of our dress rehearsals. This program can be customized to fit within your class schedules.